Covenant Life University
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Welcome to Covenant Life University

Covenant Life University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and requires a Bible emphasis of all who earn a degree. The University offers Associate of Theology, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Divinity degrees and a one or two year Diploma in Christian Leadership in our Life Training Institute division. Details concerning the Academic Program of Covenant Life University are available in the Covenant Life University catalog.

Our Mission

The purpose of Covenant Life University is to conduct a course of study to educate men and women for Christian service, to provide a program of instruction on the college level, to grant appropriate degrees, and to serve as a resource for churches in Florida and around the world.

The Vision of Covenant Life University is to be a leading evangelical educational center of academic excellence and Christian character.

Covenant Life University is an international non-traditional educational network embedded in the local church whose mission is to:

  • Impact the generation with the blueprint of moral principles and practices handed down from the Word of God.
  • Effect the development of spiritual and business leaders.
  • Integrate high standards of ethical values in the community and marketplace.
  • Departments of Study
  • Our Objectives
  • About Accreditation
  • Degrees Offered

The curriculum of CLU School of Theology is taught in nine divisions. Other related subjects may be offered as they are developed and approved. The present divisions are:

  • Bible/Biblical Studies (BI)
  • Biblical Languages (BL)
  • Biblical Theology (BT)
  • Christian Counseling (CC)
  • Christian Education (CE)
  • Church Leadership (CL)
  • Communications (CO)
  • Missions/Evangelism (ME)
  • Practical Theology (PT)

It is required that courses from four (4) of the nine (9) divisions be represented in a student’s Associate of Theology degree. This means that he or she must have at least one course in at least four (4) of the nine (9) divisions by the time application is made for the A.Th. It is required that courses from six (6) of the (9) divisions be represented in a student’s Bachelor of Theology degree. This means he or she must have at least one course in six (6) divisions by the time application is made for the B.Th.

  1. To provide a faith based institution of Christian education to serve the Kingdom of God while remaining under the auspices of their local pastor during their training.
  2. Encourage students to become knowledgeable of God’s inerrant Word, competent in its interpretation, proclamation and application in the contemporary world.
  3. Maintain academic excellence in the highest tradition of Christian scholarship in the teaching of the biblical, historical and marketplace disciplines.
  4. Train students in the development of Christ-like character, intellectual, technical and relational skills to serve as leaders, role models and competent professionals in the marketplace.
  5. To stimulate the maturing of students so their experiential knowledge of God in Christ is evidenced in their character, outlook, conduct, and relationships and involvement in the marketplace.
  6. Provide leadership and educational resources for shaping an effective presence in Church and in the marketplace. To develop in students a vision for God’s redemptive work to fulfill the Great Commandment To formulate the strategies that will lead to effective Church and Community leaders.
  7. Establish a biblically and Christ centered curriculum which supports the Bible as the authority for faith and personal conduct. To provide an academic program which encourages students to develop skills of inquiry and critical thinking for life-long learning.
  8. Covenant Life University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability.

The secular certification, known as the accreditation system, essentially grants regulatory oversight of the curriculum offered by educational institutions certified by it. The consensus of the vast majority of Christian parochial educational institutions offering Biblically-based education and theological training, as Covenant Life University, is that curricular certification for such Christian vocational education schools should not be assessed by secular agencies, and that Christian vocational educational schools have a United States Constitutional right to establish their curricula according to their own particular doctrinal convictions.


School of Theology

An evangelical center of academic excellence and Christian character developing Christ-minded church members, teachers and ministers to follow Christ’s example in way of life and ministry to sinners and saints.

  • Diploma in Theology........30 Semester credit hours
  • Associate of Theology......60 Semester credit hours
  • Graduate of Theology......90 Semester credit hours
  • Bachelor of Theology.......120 Semester credit hours
  • Master of Theology..........30 Semester credit hours
  • Master of Divinity.............36 Semester credit hours
  • Doctor of Ministry.............30 Semester credit hours